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Why Us

We Understand You, Because We Are You

Matt Nichols, AIF®, founder of Nichols Financial Strategies, was born and raised in the Central Valley. As a boy growing up in the Fresno area, Matt adopted an intimate knowledge of the agricultural environment that surrounded him. After graduating high school, he entered the working world as a construction worker and developed an appreciation for the “hands-on” impact he could have in his community. Several years went by and, after a work-related accident forced him to step away from the business, he grew more curious into how he could impact the lives of others on a grander scale. This led him to college, where he discovered the world of financial services and joined John Hancock. The more he learned about the industry, the more he knew he could take this combination of specialized experience and home-grown background to help others in defining and planning their financial futures.

Our Guiding Light

More than 20 years later, Matt continues his purposeful mission of helping business owners and high net worth individuals transfer wealth from one generation to the next. It’s what makes Nichols Financial Strategies incredibly unique as a wealth management firm. We’re a team that understands local business, cherishes the same core values our clients hold dear, and most of all, understands the challenges and opportunities of those we serve every day. To this day, we wake up every morning inspired to coach families and individuals to reach their goals – and we derive that inner motivation, our guiding light, by watching our clients implement their plans and realize their dreams.


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