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Wealth Planning

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Stewards of Your Wealth

At Nichols Financial Strategies, every business owner, every family, every individual is taken to heart as we develop your outcome-based wealth plan. Achieving financial security means something different for everyone, which is why we take our role as a loyal steward of your wealth so seriously. Whether the outcome you’re seeking is ensuring you don’t outlive you wealth, safeguarding funds for your family’s future, or defining a transition plan for your business succession, we design a wealth plan that accounts for everything from cash flow management and budgeting to retirement income and business planning.

Your Family Index Number

In order to focus and align your objectives, our team of professionals first determines your Family Index Number. This highly personalized measurement identifies the rate of return necessary to maintain your resources during your lifetime, offering clarity on how to coordinate your risk tolerance with your investment timeframe.

Once we’ve compiled this quantitative and qualitative data, our team uses your Family Index Number to recommend, execute, and monitor strategies that reflect your individual, family, and business goals. Over time, we review factors that have significant impact on your financial picture, such as lifestyle preferences, healthcare needs, and tax planning to keep you on track.

The ultimate measure of our success isn’t just in the comfort and clarity you receive from having a tangible plan on paper but also in the confidence you feel when faced with the daily complexity of running your business or planning your future.

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